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Beautiful Concept Bedroom Sets of Furniture Mall of Kansas

When you think about a good furniture place right now maybe one of your thoughts be Furniture Mall of Kansas. Furniture Mall of Kansas is one of the malls that provide various kinds of furniture for your dream home, in this article we will not discuss Furniture Mall of Kansas. However, in this article we will discuss more about the concept of a bedroom that is suitable for your home both concerning appearance and price.

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The concept of the bedroom in the Furniture Mall of Kansas has a variety of bedroom sets ranging from ordinary to luxurious. Here are three concepts bedroom sets that you can apply to your home:

Furniture Mall of Kansas Queen Panel BR

Furniture Mall of Kansas

Concerning the appearance of this concept has a white base color of the bed, and a drawer so that it has a beautiful impression. In addition to the existing bed and drawer decoration, this concept adds comfort. This Bedroom Set design is perfect if your house has a wall that uses white paint and bedroom bed tiles themselves using wood-patterned Vinyl. In the Bedroom Set this time obtained in the sales package are: Willowton 5 Drawer Chest, Willowton Dressing Chest, Willowton Queen Footboard Panel, Willowton Two Drawers Nightstand, Willowton Queen Panel Rails, and Willowton Dresser and Mirror. Of the many furniture that is obtained in the sales package prices of bedroom sets are not so expensive, which is around $1,099.99.

Furniture Mall of Kansas KING UPH Panel

Furniture Mall of Kansas

Concerning the appearance of the Bedroom Sets design, the average is used for homes that have the concept of luxury, which displays color colors such as white, which is applied to wood, whiling the black color is applied to tiles that use wood vinyl motifs as the first concept, who owns the tile. Whereas in this design there are cabinets and drawers that adorn this bedroom. The Bedroom Sets sales package will get: Prentice Dresser, BEDROOM MIRROR, Greensburg Nightstand, Prentice King / Cal King Storage bed. With a variety of furniture with the luxurious atmosphere obtained in the sales package, the price you have to spend is around $2,399.99.

Mall of Kansas Furniture BR W / 3DR Nightstand

Furniture Mall of Kansas

Designed with the impression of a luxurious and elegant Bedroom Sets design is very suitable for those of you who want your room to look luxurious and expensive with all-white shades with white carpet that has a little feather applied under the bed. In addition to the carpet embedded in this design, white drawers also decorate this concept and there is also a glass framed in the same color, white. In the sales package you will get: Bed Panel, Nightstand, Mirror, Double Dresser, Wood. With a package that is so luxurious, this furniture is priced at $3,899.99 with a luxurious design, it deserves to be priced at that price.

So are the three Bedroom Sets designs of the colors and prices that are suitable for you to apply to your dream house. Make this article your reference for building a dream house that you want.

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