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Beautiful Crazy Design of John Travolta House

When imagining what John Travolta House is in your mind? Palace or Small City. Before looking further at the design of John Travolta House, perhaps among those of you who do not know the figure of John Travolta, John Travolta is one of the American singers and actors who have starred in several films from 1975-2007.

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John Travolta House Tour

John Travolta House

John Travolta applied his luxury by building a magnificent John Travolta House Florida. Besides being magnificent and luxurious, this house was built with various facilities including transportation facilities and many more. The area of ​​land used to build this house is around 220 hectares with an area that is so large that John Travolta also not only builds private houses but builds several personal buildings.

The luxurious design of this house can be seen from its crazy concept, where in its own concept John Travolta House resembles a private airport for airport. Why like that? Because the private home of John Travolta not only has a magnificent design but there are also two airstrips where the runway is used for John Travolta’s private aircraft which has a boeing type 707.

John Travolta’s airstrip has a 7,500 foot runway not even for personal use, according to news from an online magazine saying that the aircraft also serves people who want to carry out flight activities. It was not enough that an aircraft pavilion was built as a parking lot for jet aircraft. If you talk about how much is the jet plane? The price of the jet owned by John Travolta itself ranges from $10,000,000.

John Travolta House

Entering the design of the interior of his own house, John Travolta House has a main room wrapped in an expensive atmosphere that can be seen from the many sofas placed in this room. Other luxuries can be seen from the glass in this house where the shape of the glass is not flats like glass in general but curved. The advantage of a design like this are that you can see the beautiful scenery outside the house so that the chance to chat you are comfortable.

John Travolta House

In addition, in the main room of John Travolta House, there is also a table specifically designed to play with guests and at the same time you can see the view of jet planes parked right on the home page. Before entering the main room of this house there is a passageway that people must pass if they want to enter this house. There are some interesting interior designs where on the floor there are images in the form of links and decorative parts are miniature planes.

John Travolta House

Switch to other parts of the side of this house. Not only private jets in this house but private aircraft control rooms also exist and are designed like control points in general. It was not enough that the pilots were spoiled with special pilot lodgings that were so magnificent that all the facilities obtained were indeed commensurate with the work they had to do.

Such was the brief discussion of the design delivered by John Travolta House. Where from some above designs you can say this as one of the magnificent and luxurious houses in the world. You can make a house design from John Travolta House as an inspiration for your future home. Make this article a reference for all the house designs you want to make.

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