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Design a Pole Barn House for Farmhouse

Building a traditional Farmhouse Pole Barn House are not as easy as turning a palm, a house that lifts a traditional element in its making will definitely cost more than a house in general. Why is that? Because when building Pole Barn House is not only the house that gets but the art of the house.

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Basically Pole Barn House is located on the farm land that serves as a place to put agricultural produce or can also be called a farmhouse. The difference between Pole Barn House and a house in general is that it lies on its foundation, Pole Barn House has no foundation like an ordinary house. Generally Pole barn house is a house that consists of panels such as iron, aluminum and so on.

The establishment is firmly a pole barn house because it has a strong beam arrangement and is supported by a pole, so it can support the weight of this house. This house is practically similar to a traditional house in the European region. However, as mentioned above, the main function is as a place to store agricultural products so that this concept has no foundation. Even though it was a warehouse, the pole bar house was made with detailed structural and quality.

In the interior part of this house concept can be modified according to and as you like, from modern to traditional like the exterior. You can determine the interior layout that is needed to support the function of the pole house itself.

Here are some designs that you can use to build a pole barn house:

Pole Barn House ideas

Pole Barn House

The first pole barn concept was designed to have a lot of windows in the wall section. This house can use wood-patterned vinyl as drawn. The dimensions offered by this design are 24 ‘x 36’ x 17’6 .”

Pole Barn House

In the second concept this design has a pretty stylist and modern design seen from the combination of colors used in this design, namely maroon and white. The dominant white color in this design makes Pole Barn House feel bigger. Even if seen from the concept Pole Barn House is not only for storing goods but also for agricultural machines or cars because they have wide doors.

Pole Barn House

The final design concept offers a luxurious design but is wrapped in traditional form, when viewed regarding its appearance the third and second designs are not too different which distinguishes the two just paint. You can choose the second or third design.

Pole Barn House Cost

If you talk about the costs needed to build a pole barn. Houses with concepts like this do not require large costs in its construction. But you must pay attention to the manufacturing process in detail.

Such are some traditional Pole Barn House concept designs. Make this article a reference in making your Pole Barn House.

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